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Originally established in August 1990,  we have grown to become one of hospitality’s leading linen service providers from Whistler to the Fraser Valley. We are a family run business with a quality reputation that has evolved from a passion for service excellence. Our core focus at SLS Laundry is the client. We offer a friendly and flexible working relationship that encompasses transparent communication and personalized solutions. After all, not every organization need or want the same service. The SLS offering is a welcomed alternative for organization’s today. SLS is the FRESH NEW CHOICE for your linen and laundry services. Our dedicated sales staff are here to work with you.

Easy to Work With - In Person Customer Service

Privately owned, our “hands-on” executive team is organised to be highly responsive to customer needs.

SLS Laundry have fully-trained mobile representatives providing personalized account management services to customers in the industries we serve.

Our facility handles a large volume of items every day. SLS staff respond quickly and comprehensively to ensure we are providing the best service possible. We are passionate about customer service as a core commitment, therefore we have the resources and operational capabilities to deliver on our promises, time after time.

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Industries that we serve

At SLS Laundry, we cater to a number of industries, but specialize in hospitality and food and beverage industries.

Partnering with clients to help manage linen inventory needs, our team delivers unmatched quality control and an unsurpassed five-star finish.

We provide programs for our customers on an individual basis, including linen rental and customer owned goods (COG). We also assist businesses with their own laundries in the event of breakdowns or difficulties.

We continue to be privately owned with a “hands-on” executive team and organised to be highly responsive to customer needs.

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality business, quality finished linens are critical to customer satisfaction. Our team provides a five-star finish. We can also pick-up and deliver your linens—saving you space and money.

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