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Laundry Systems for a Greener World

Not only are Continental Girbau washers, folders and ironers among the most energy efficient on the market today, but customers can feel good knowing that Continental Girbau laundry products are manufactured in an environmentally friendly manner to conserve the Earth’s natural resources and to create less waste.

Thanks to Continental Girbau’s high performance washer-extractors, drying tumblers and flatwork ironers, we are able to provide high quality laundry services while concurrently reducing our environmental footprint.

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HS6110 Girbau Washer
Washing Machines

Engineered to cut water, electrical and gas costs and boost productivity, HS 6 Series high-performance washer-extractors deliver high-speed extract, a freestanding design, unmatched durability, superior energy efficiency and the ultimate in programmability. At SLS Express Linen we only use the best. That is why we use Girbau’s HS-6 Series washing machines.


SLS Express Linen proudly uses Girbau’s FL Series folder because of its reliability, productivity and top finishing quality in folding.

The market is constantly evolving with regards to the laundry that needs to be treated. The size of articles is increasing, and products like duvets or table runners are becoming increasingly popular. The Girbau FL folder has managed to adapt to these developments, providing solutions that are straightforward and adapted to each particular case, be it King size or Queen size sheets, duvets or bedspreads.

Girbau FL-King Folder
PC120 Girbau Flatwork Ironer
Flatwork Ironers

At SLS Express Linen we use Garbau’s PC120 Flatwork Ironer. All the elements that go to make up the flatwork ironers in the PC Series are designed with quality in mind, including the geometry and perfect polished finish of the bed. The combination of an impeccable finish and the latest advances in electronics results in superior ironing quality.

The PC Series adds value to the image of your establishment through the textiles it produces, showing perfection in detail and caring for materials to prolong the life of your establishment’s textiles.

HS Series Washers
FL-KING Folders
PC120 Flatwork Ironers
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