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658 Derwent Way, Delta, BC, V3M 5P8


Tel: (604) 528-6629


Fax: (604) 438-0904


(604) 551-7414 658 Derwent Way, Delta, BC, V3M5P8

In order to deliver a well-managed laundry service to our customers, we need talented people working together with the right training and the best skills for the job. We are very proud of our record of investing in our people and we have many great success stories of staff and their accomplishments.

We take our responsibilities seriously and provide full training through our people development initiative as well as an employee recognition program.

Roles within the company include:

  • Process operators
  • Delivery drivers
  • Engineers (mechanical and electrical)
  • Management and supervision
  • Customer account managers
  • Sales executives
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Specific vacancies are normally advertised in local job centers and on web based job sites but we invite general inquiries at any time by emailing your resume to or visit us at 658 Derwent Way, Delta, BC

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